Real Estate Agents are Trained to Sell YOU!

The Primary Training and ongoing Coaching Support for every real estate agent is directed at techniques that will earn your trust and cause you to make your selection based on emotional reasons, not logic. They use the DISC method of personality profiling to understand how you think and then try to adapt their presentations to make you feel that they are like you, and can communicate with you in the way you are most comfortable. They use memorized Scripts to overcome your objections and hesitations so they can get you to Buy or Sell with them. 

We vehemently object to this approach and do not consider it to be honest.

Here are the things we consider to be Most Important in your Agent selection:

  1. Your agent should primarily be focused on learning all that they can about You, Your Family, You Career Goals, Your Home, etc.
  2. They should spend as much time as you are willing to provide in developing a strategy the will provide a perfect balance between your Financial and Lifestyle Goals! We cannot over-emphasize the importance of this step. This is a great opportunity to find out how much your agent really knows and give you a sense of how they can help you achieve success.
  3. Your agent should be able to demonstrate all the extras they will provide you during and after your real estate transaction. Make sure they can show you SPECIFICS (Not a Plan) of what they have done that relate to YOU and YOUR GOALS. The World is changing at the speed of light and Old School techniques are no longer applicable. Likewise, telling you how many homes they have sold in the past has no bearing on what you need today! Time is Money, and these two things tend to work against each other. It almost always takes more time to reach your Financial Goals. Agents are known for bragging about SPEED but have no proof that the final result helped their clients achieve their goals. Clients often feel pressured to make decisions due to their uncertainty, and this can be avoided if your agent has advised you properly and is PATIENT with you in the process.
  4. Your agent should be able to demonstrate how they will keep you informed and service your needs. Methods of communication and frequency are important. Good agents cannot be available 24/7 but can establish a way to be aware of your urgency and respond to your needs. Likewise, knowing how much advance notice is needed to have your agent available to meet with you is critical for maintaining the relationship you seek.

Here are the Extras you should seek if you have more than one choice remaining:

  1. We are willing to give up to 1% CASH BACK to cover our clients closing costs. 1% of the Selling Price could be a huge factor in qualifying for the home of your dreams. Do any of your candidates offer this?
  2. We are Investment Specialists and can show you a variety of Long-term strategies that will build your wealth and Financial Freedom. Do any of your candidates offer this?
  3. We can show you how to make a purchase that will conserve your cash and allow you to purchase a higher-priced property that comes closer to your goals. For example, 1% Down Payment with a 2% forgivable Grant and matching down payment with Shared Equity and no interest charges on the matching portion. Do any of your candidates match this?

Our Consultations are Free and we can help you with understanding the purchase process and obtaining loan Pre-Approval – critical to your success!

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