Ability to Find the “Right” Buyer

We know that finding the Buyer who is emotionally committed to owning your Luxury Home will bring you the Highest Price and Best Terms possible. Our willingness to commit up front to the Highest World Class Services is unmatched within the Real Estate industry. That is why we “Dare You to Compare” with great confidence because we know what you will find.

A Mastermind Approach to Strategy Planning

When we complete our consultation with you, our Mastermind Team goes to work developing a solution that provides the Best way to accomplish your goals. With over 30 years of Corporate Executive Leadership there is no mystery in the decision to rely on experts in their fields. Our ability to identify the Unique Selling Features of your property and define the Best Target Market to pursue is next to none!

Superior Quality of Our Guidance

We spend our money on Selling Your Luxury Home. No fancy garbage, puffery, or glitz is spent on selling you. Our clients are very knowledgeable and intelligent and we consider any attempt to impress you cosmetically would be an insult.

Our knowledge of the Luxury Home Marketplace is unparalleled and we continually research the latest concepts and service providers to make sure you will receive the Best Leading Edge Tools and Resources to achieve your goals.

No outrageous claims! We will educate you on ALL the information you need to make intelligent decisions. When you do, we will execute our Luxury Home skills to achieve your desired result.

Just Professional Service, Service, Service!

Proven Ability to Negotiate Successfully

My negotiation expertise includes finalizing $100 million agreements and the re-negotiation of existing multi-million dollar contracts needed to save struggling corporations from demise. Upon entering the Real Estate Industry, my first NAR Certification was in Negotiation skills to validate that my abilities were transferrable.

Another important value to you is my ability and willingness to present your position directly to the opposing Principal. Real Estate negotiations have evolved into discussions between the Realtors. We believe that this is a Conflict of Interests, as both realtors will profit from the results of a final agreement and that they will be potentially motivated to convince their clients to reach an agreement. That can easily be not in the best interest of their clients in maximizing their final results. I am fully aware of my right to present offers and counters to the opposing Principal and will exercise that right with your permission whenever deemed appropriate.

How We Serve Our Clients

Our Mission is to provide the Highest Possible level of expertise and service to anyone who is serious about Buying or Selling Luxury Real Estate, both now and in the future.

To accomplish that goal in a Professional Manner, we will need your cooperation in divulging your goals and concerns as completely as possible.

If you only have some questions at this stage of your Luxury Experience we would be happy to oblige. Please note that many of the questions we routinely receive can only be answered effectively if we have a clear understanding of your needs, so please forgive us if we ask you anything you may not want to disclose.

We are professional consultants who specialize in helping our Clients achieve their desired results. We believe in the importance of learning as much as we can about our Client’s property, neighborhood, and lifestyle as well as their Financial and Timing goals.

Our site contains general information to help you understand how we conduct our services. Should you choose us to represent you throughout your Luxury Experience, we will help you develop a clear strategy with constant accountability along the way. Should you only want to look around, we would be happy to show you the sites that we believe have the highest Luxury Real Estate traffic.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to serving you when you are ready. Our hope is that you will compare all the extras we provide to anyone else you are considering before you make a selection.

Learn why we are the best choice to get the maximum value out of your home!

We would love to give you a no-obligation presentation of our Services. 
Then ask other Agents what extras they are willing to pay for on your behalf.

For answers to ANY of Your Questions (I love to help and have a broad referral network), and personal guidance when you are ready, please contact me at your convenience.

I have over 30 years of Financial Maximization in my background and can help you Mastermind a Strategy that will achieve a balance of your financial and lifestyle goals!

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