Luxury Home Seller Tips

Only Way to Get Top Dollar for Your Luxury Home!

Luxury Home Buyers are driven more by their desire to own your home than the price they will pay to make the purchase.

How do we know this? Because we always make sure our Clients consider the financial, as well as the emotional, elements in every purchase decision. We are sometimes successful, but often reminded by our most honest clients that they really appreciate our concern, but want to move forward regardless.

Therefore, we recommend an Aggressive Pricing Strategy supported by a highly effective Targeted Marketing Strategy that will reach the “Right” buyers for your home. In short, we do not believe that Price Reductions should ever come into play, and that our Marketing Skills should rule the day. We will help you find the Buyers who will desire your home and then drive the unique values of your home into their thought process. We focus our selling efforts on satisfying their desires and rewarding their purchase.

Only Way to Select Your Luxury Home Agent

All Agents and Brokerages are NOT created equal.

The World is changing at the Speed of Light and the Old-School rhetoric of the traditional agents will not get the job done in a way that will Optimize Your Results!

Over 95% of all people interested in Buying or Selling Real Estate go online to gather information, including shopping for their Dream Home. The popularity of the Internet is overwhelming and greatly interferes with the process of finding the “Right” buyer for your Luxury Home.

All major Real Estate brokerages, including mine, will immediately get your home posted into the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to reach other Realtors. It is then posted on all the major Real Estate sites around the World via a re-posting hub. The extremely high level of competitive properties will never give you the kind of exposure you need to attract the “Right” buyers who will have the potential and desire to purchase your Luxury Home at an optimum price.

We lead the Luxury Home Marketplace in Targeted Marketing with Leading Edge Marketing Tools and Resources. We would be happy and honored to demonstrate our Superiority and help you make an Intelligent Decision. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of our no-risk offer.


Please Compare Our Luxury Home Marketing Difference

  1. Has your home been advertised in national Luxury media?

My Solution:  Reach affluent buyers via exposure in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, DuPont Registry and Mansions Global.

  1. Has your home been exposed to International markets?

My Solution: Showcase your home with over 60 international ads in key investor markets throughout Asia, Europe, South America and more.

  1. Have you used Big Data to target likely buyers directly online?

My Solution:  Target the right buyers with state-of-the-art media tools like 3D Virtual Reality and Aerial Videos. Locate them based on location, interests, income and lifestyle with paid Social Media advertising.

  1. Has your home been showcased with a dedicated, mobile responsive website and video?

My Solution: I’ll increase your mobile and web presence with your own responsive website and high-quality YouTube video.

  1. Have you had detailed reporting at your fingertips?

My Solution: I’ll be able to track the activity of all our marketing efforts, including where we are getting the most views. This will help us to gauge the success of our efforts and allow us to tweak campaigns if necessary.

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