Longevity Could Consume Your Wealth

The World is evolving at a dramatic pace and the advances in Technologies, Medicine, and other Life Sciences are already amazing. Your body parts can be reproduced by a 3-D Printer using your own DNA. Doctors at Duke University are using the once feared Polio Virus to cure cancer, and Robotics have replaced the hands of surgeons. It is highly likely that the snowballing effect of these discoveries could easily add 20-50 years to the average human life span.

As this happens, Old School retirement strategies will no longer work and our aging population will outlive the wealth they worked so hard to accumulate. We can only speculate on how this consumption of wealth will affect the economy, but the two things that are certain in the future is a significant population growth and the increasing demand for housing. Regardless of the timing of your desired retirement, the timing is right for you to rethink your financial future.

Why act now? Interest rates are still artificially low but are guaranteed to rise as the Fed backs away from its current policy. Lower interest increases housing affordability making it easier to sell your home for more money, and to Right-size your new home for less. From a home seller’s tax standpoint, there are still some significant savings in Federal and State taxes that the government has not yet taken away, but there are no guarantees they will remain as all governments are seeking ways to overcome financial deficits.

Significant increases in Human Longevity are already taking place. So act now! It is never too soon to plan for your financial future. Take the time now to consider your options while they are still in your favor. Begin the process of preserving your wealth and ensuring your ability to live the lifestyle of your dreams for the rest of your life. For more tips, and personal guidance when you are ready, please contact me at your convenience. I have over 30 years of Financial Maximization in my background and can help you Mastermind a Strategy that will achieve a balance of your financial and lifestyle goals!

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