Important Whys to Ponder
There are some very important Whys to consider when looking at Real Estate from an investment perspective. First and foremost, Wisdom is more important than intelligence when it comes to investing. There are many ways to acquire wisdom, but the two most common are through diligent analysis and sage advice. They work best when obtained together. Using a variation of the KISS approach (Keep It Simple Seniors), it boils down to common sense when we try to predict the future. Our goal is not to prove a point, but rather have you become aware of what we foresee and use the information however you choose.

We believe that there are significant changes taking place in the World that are accelerating at a dramatic pace, and that Old School Retirement Strategies will not survive the extra 20-50 years of extended human lifespans. So we ask a few questions to help the conclusions you reach become a little easier to evaluate. KISS

Why Real Estate?
Leasing/Renting will become a significant part of the Real Estate marketplace. People will live dramatically longer and population growth will amplify demand for housing. Our younger generations are not as eager to tie themselves down with housing purchases and the rental marketspace is targeted to explode over the next 10-15 years. This theory is being supported by the influx of domestic and foreign capital from large investment groups.
Real Estate generates the highest Return on Invested Funds and provides dependable Cash Flows that will continue to grow over time.

Why Now?
Visionaries/First Responders take advantage of future opportunities long before the marketplace and general public see the potential and climb on board. The Law of Supply and Demand works in your favor when you act before “the herd”.
Interest rates have been held artificially low and will soon start an upward climb to return to their long term averages. If you secure these lower rates on investment properties you will improve cash flows. As rates rise, housing purchase affordability worsens and will increase Lease/Rental demands.
Tax Breaks are still available in both the Capital Gains and Property Tax codes. However, these are subject to change if the government decides to do so. With all the uncertainty of fiscal responsibility issues at the City, State, and Federal levels it is reasonable to presume that these may someday be removed.

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