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Our Commitment to Your Success

We take great pride in telling our Clients that we spend more money and time working on High End Marketing Tools and Luxury Media than any other agent is willing to match. Our financial commitments to multiple Luxury Home Marketing Firms begin immediately after you sign a Listing Agreement. So, when you compare, be sure to go over Specific Examples of actual expenditures and tools to be developed on your behalf. A “Marketing Plan” is usually too general to be worthy of any merit, and many are available for copying off the internet. So compare specific financial commitments that your agent is willing to make.

Most agents focus their energy on selling you, not your home. Our approach is completely the opposite. We don’t show our potential clients a “Marketing Plan” which is merely a long list of typical real estate activities, many of which are administrative and have nothing to do with Marketing and Selling efforts. Don’t settle for the Blah-Blah-Blah of reading each step of a general plan back to you. We believe in Targeted Marketing Strategies for Luxury Homes as the Only Way to find qualified buyers and trigger their desire to own your home. Our efforts extend deep into the media where most Luxury Home buyers do their searching and the leading-edge tools we deploy get incredible results.

Maximize Your Financial Result 

We focus on Strategy which is best determined by your personal needs and goals. The training and experience gained in over 30 years of Senior Executive Leadership produces the foundation of your Personalized Strategy Development. Then we add the magic ingredient, our Mastermind Team. Experts in their own segment of Luxury Home Buying, Selling, Marketing, and Negotiations. One top producer has over 35 years of local area Luxury Home sales, including over 1000 homes with over 100 in the luxury category.

Once we determine the buyers to target, our efforts shift to optimizing your home’s exposure. Employing High-End Media experts is the best way to put your offering in front of the targets, and the quality of the media and the power of the tools we incorporate. Marketing Luxury Homes is an Art as well as a Science. It is a proven fact that attracting Luxury Home buyers who have a burning desire to own your home will result in your highest financial result. Detailed specifics of the Extras we provide can be reviewed on other pages within this site.

Key Points to Compare

I believe our Luxury Home Marketing Program can generate more exposure and more excitement for your home than any other agent could achieve for you, leading to a top-dollar sale of your home. With over 30 years of high level negotiation expertise including $100M agreements and re-negotiation of countless multi-million dollar contracts, you can be assured that I will help you achieve your goals!

Please Compare Our Luxury Home
Marketing Difference

  1. Has your home been advertised in national Luxury media?

My Solution:  Reach affluent buyers via exposure in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, DuPont Registry and Mansions Global.

  1. Has your home been exposed to International markets?

My Solution: Showcase your home with over 60 international ads in key investor markets throughout Asia, Europe, South America and more.

  1. Have you used Big Data to target likely buyers directly online?

My Solution:  Target the right buyers with state-of-the-art media tools like 3D Virtual Reality and Aerial Videos. Locate them based on location, interests, income and lifestyle with paid Social Media advertising.

  1. Has your home been showcased with a dedicated, mobile responsive website and video?

My Solution: I’ll increase your mobile and web presence with your own responsive website and high-quality YouTube video.

  1. Have you had detailed reporting at your fingertips?

My Solution: You will be able to track the activity of all our marketing efforts, including where we are getting the most views. This will help us to gauge the success of our efforts and allow us to tweak campaigns if necessary.

A Small Token of Our Appreciation for You to Compare

We are constantly bench-marking our services to maintain superiority in what we provide for our Clients. We compare ourselves constantly.

To that end, we would like to offer you a $50 Gift Card to take the time to compare us to anyone you choose. We only request that you give us specific examples of any area where you feel we have not excelled, or have fallen short.

We look forward to meeting you and understanding your goals!

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